About me

Born in Edinburgh in 1963, I graduated from Newcastle University in 1994 in EU Politics and French.  Not sure how.  I spent a year living in France, having lived there previously in my early twenties.

While teaching English in Greece in 1995, I began writing really bad short stories and essays. I then embarked on a career in Government policy work in Scotland.  In 2000 I moved to the Foreign Office in Brussels. In 2003 my wife was offered work in Mozambique, so I accompanied her, recognizing the opportunity to write full time.

In Africa I completed the manuscript for The Eyes of the World, a World War Two espionage novel set in France.  After moving to Swaziland in 2006, I began writing a second novel The Road to Fernando Nunes.  The novel is an espionage story set in Lourenco Marques in 1942.

I was then hired by a European Embassy based in Maputo to report on Swazi political affairs.  This job, which was not spying, lasted several years and focussed on reporting the corruption and nefarious activities of the Swazi ruling elites.

In 2011 after a brief period living in Cape Town, I moved to Switzerland.  I am presently writing a third novel, Long Way to Thunder Bay.  It is a first person account of a Canadian Air Force pilot shot down over France, and tells of his escape by walking through occupied France to Spain.

My finished work will appear in electronic format soon.

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